Cathey Bolton

Welcome! I’m Cathey Bolton, a Ceramic Artist whose been working with mud for almost 25 years now. I am asked frequently by my customers walking around the gallery how I can make so many different designs and colors. To me life is so vast and full, everything that surrounds me is an inspiration, and it’s hard for me to stick to just one line or design of work. I tell them I would get bored if I didn’t, and that’s the truth!
Most of all I want people to enjoy a well-made mug or piece of pottery that they want to use every day because of the happiness it brings them. I often joke with people that my pottery will make their food and beverages taste better. But in truth that is what I want to give as a creator… an experience with a handmade piece that they want to enjoy themselves and give to others.
I love the relationship a piece of pottery can have with the user and the intimacy it creates. The creative process involves problem-solving, making mistakes, individualism, expression, function, and accountability. The joys and the struggles that we all go through to express ourselves. My pottery comes from my love of nature and architecture. I strive to create balance in both the natural and structural world to create functional, unique, vibrant pottery for everyday use.
Pottery is my main art form, but I also enjoy mixing media. Many of my pieces combine ceramic, seashell, glass, fabric and found objects. This can especially be seen in my belt buckles, rings, necklaces, scarf keeps and other accessories. It’s been an honor to have my work represented in numerous newspapers and magazines throughout Western North Carolina.


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