Cory Plott

Cory Plott

My name is Cory Houston Plott, and I have been creating pottery as a full time career since 2012.

Plottware Pottery is located in Clyde, NC, and is a small, but International business serving several clients in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as across the Eastern United States. All of my wares and sculptures are made from High Fired Stoneware which is dish washer safe, microwavable, and also oven safe. The clay is purchased by the ton and turned only on foot-powered treadle wheels without electricity.

I incorporate Wood Ashes into the mixture, which is a technique that was used by the Folk Potters of North Carolina. My glazes are rich in color, glossy, and easy to clean. Plottware Pottery is fired in an oxidizing atmosphere which helps create the brightest and richest colors possible. I create pottery in such a way that it is truly an ode to the past, while maintaining a fresh and artful product.

The foot powered wheels turn back the hands of time, and my inspiration is strictly derived from historical European Art Pottery and Sculpture. My mission is to offer elegant utilitarian d├ęcor into your home, and enrich your daily life through Plottware Pottery.

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