Nina Howard

As a child, I never could stay in the lines when I colored in my coloring book. As I grew up I had an affinity to color and was drawn to study Interior Designer because I loved 3-dimensional application of color. After graduating from Interior Design school and working for a design firm in New York City, a client asked me what a certain wall needed, in terms of art. I gave her my opinion and told her I could paint my vision. I landed my first commission! That was 1979, and I have not stopped painting to this day! With 34 years, and hundreds of paintings from postcard size to ten feet long, I still delight in joining with the canvas or paper with color. I do my best when my inbox is cleaned out, house is clean, the dog is shampooed and the refrigerator is stocked. Ahhh! Now my world is handled and I can let go and immerse myself in my dream world of color and form while listening to upbeat music and periodically checking my Facebook page on my iPad! I usually paint in a few day spurts, often producing a dozen or so paintings in that time frame.


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